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Hidden River Golf & Casting Club Deer Management Program

The vast acreage, wooded landscape, and water access has made Hidden River Golf and Casting Club a perfect habitat for wildlife. However, with the harsh winter temperatures of Northern Michigan and lack of nourishment that comes with it, the survival rate of the creatures that inhabit the area can become dismal. At our course, we take great pride in our dedication to keeping our wildlife thriving throughout the year.

Since 2007, the effects of our deer management practices are obvious. After witnessing the carnage that winter left behind on the course, Owner, Tom Foster, decided to apply the ideas of Quality Deer Management as his mission to reverse the disastrous effects that the lack of agriculture, limited food sources, and the severely low temperatures had on the local deer population. The Management Program quickly turned into an obsession for Tom. Beginning with only a couple food plots nestled in unused areas out of the way of the golfers play quickly turned into multiple plots scattered throughout the course. Trail cameras are currently used to monitor the year round health and needs of the wildlife. Delete the part about corn feeders as the DNR won't let us do that now.

After ten years the effects of our deer management practices are obvious. The deer population is now thriving and we couldn’t be happier that our efforts have paid off. Its common place to be playing a round of golf or dining on our patio next to the river and witness the progress; from the great variety of birds, smaller animals scampering along the river bank, and even deer wandering over our bridge. It is a truly breathtaking experience – a little piece of paradise nestled in a picturesque landscape where wildlife flourishes.

Hidden River is a truly special place. And it is one of the only golf courses in the United States embracing this type of deer management. HRDM Funding comes mostly from Donations from our Customers and Friends of Hidden River. We encourage and offer our assistance to any course with interest in following in our footsteps. It is an easy and effective way to give back to the environment that has given so much to us. We thank you for your support and contributions to the Hidden River Deer Management Program.


We would like to thank each and everyone who 
visited Hidden River this season.

We are very thankful for your patronage and helping us all
get thru these challenging times.
We will see you in the Spring!
Stay Safe!

~John & Becky Duffey, Owners